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The story of the Škrlet


Welcome to Sisak-Moslavina County, the homeland of škrlet, the only place in the world where this rare variety is grown, which produces top quality wines.

Škrlet (synonym: ovnek žuti, osukač, maslec) is a white grape variety limited and protected in the group of quality wines called Moslavački škrlet, and gives it the right to progress in that sense and to be ranked among the top. Škrlet is an autochthonous variety of wine from the area of ​​Moslavina, an area with a long wine history which says that the first vineyards were planted here by the Thracians, Illyrians, Celts and ancient Romans.
Scarlet is the most important difference between Moslavina and other wine areas. Only here can you fully experience this distinctive wine with a delicate aroma and a pronounced bouquet. Škrlet will win over every wine lover in a different way. Men and women alike, young and old.
Come and discover Moslavina and Škrlet. We guarantee that the wines that bear our special label belong to the very top of the wine offer in Croatia. We have grown them in our basements to give ourselves pleasure primarily. Be our guests and give us the pleasure to share that pleasure with you.