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Banovina Heritage Interpretation Centre


Banovina Heritage Interpretation Centre was founded in 2016. with the aim of presenting and promoting cultural and natural heritage of Banovine area (the area is located between rivers Kupa, Sava and Una, around city of Sisak, 50-100 km south from the capitol, Zagreb).

We organize exibitions, lectures, workshops, cultural-historical filed trips and have published 2 coloring books with motives of folk costumes and a ethnological photo and story book on life in Banovina area at the beginning of 20th century told by local elders.

The Centre partners up with numerous local, national and international institutions, NGOs and communities and some of our activities include:

  • Documenting and registering one family pottery collection into the Ministry of Culture Cultural goods register
  • making a replica coin of Zrinski nobles whose money forgery was in Banovina area and organizing Zrinski Industrial route – field trip with historical lectures on Zrinski nobles and Banovina industrial heritage
  • presenting our published books at the International folklore festival that was dedicated to Banovina area in 2017.
  • implementation of Banovina Seed Bank project funded by the national NGO foundation and several projects funded by Ministry of Culture
  • taking part in International Museum day and Museum Night
  • organizing cultural, historical and heritage events in all major cities in Banovina (Glina, Topusko, Hrvatska Kostajnica, Dvor, Petrinja)
  • implementing projects that refurbished the building where the centre is located and its back yard (in traditional ethno Banovina style: garden, wooden furniture, wooden and traditional lamps and equipment etc.)
  • creating a permanent exibition presenting the traditional Banovina villages ethno-style room

Please find more on our webpage and like our Interpretacijski centar baštine Banovine page on Facebook!