The settlement Topusko is located in the valley of the river Glina in the hilly area between Zrinska and Petrova gora. It can be assumed that the thermal springs have always attracted people, so the traces of inhabitants reach far back in history. The oldest traces of habitation in the area take us back to the year 3000 BC. Evidence of that are the findings from prehistory located near the village of Velika Vranovina, where the remains of Illyrian settlements were found.

Thermal water and its medicinal applications are effective for a wide range of illnesses. The latest research regarding the medicinal properties of the water has classified the quality of the water as one of the best out all the thermal spas in Europe. The water temperature is from 56°C to 72°C. Along with hot water treatments, this spa offers mud (flower) treatments.

The “Topusko” spa included two hotels, “Toplica” and “Petrova gora”, with the capacity of 520 beds with much additional content (services and recreational content).

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