Vinske ceste (wine roads) are a special form of sale for the products made at the wine growing area, in which the rural agricultural farms, wine producers, and other participants, joined together under the name Vinske ceste, sell their products, especially wine and traditional products from their local area. What certainly makes them special is the nature that surrounds the roads and the natural, cultural, and traditional values they contain.

Moslavina is a famous wine growing area, where the growing of wine grapes began during the Roman times, and the growing tradition has been maintained until today. This is the home country of the genuine wines Moslavac and Škrlet, which is most sought after, because it can only be grown in Moslavina, as well as the wines Pinot Blanc, Riesling (Graševina), and the red wine Frankovka.

On the Moslavina wine roads, between Popovača and Kutina, there are many vineyard cottages that offer tastings and where you can purchase their wines in bottles or directly from the barrel. Apart from the enjoyment in the wine, the proud owners also offer snacks made from local specialities.

The visit to the Moslavina wine roads is a special experience and it will surely stay in the memory of everyone who visits this wine growing area in the embrace of Lonjsko polje and the grape hills.


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