The new local route LR7 or the Glina – Topusko – Topusko railway station is 17, 8 km long. The start of the new route is at the intersection of D6 – D37 (“Street of Victims of Homeland War” – “Vukovarska Street”) in Glina, where it is connected to the Cycloturistic County Road SMŽ 01 and ends in Topusko (Topusko Railway Station) at the intersection of the road D6- ŽC 3227.

4.9 km of the total lenght of the route route is placed on the state road D6, which is the main link between Glin and Karlovac with a PGDP traffic of 1485 vehicles and PLDP traffic of 2336 vehicles, while the rest of the route is placed near the county roads (ŽC 3229 and ŽC 3227) with asphalt pavements that are not as loaded as D6, as they only serve local residents and tourist traffic to Terme Topusko.

The LR7 route connects Glina, Skela, Hrvatsko Selo, Topusko and Gređani and enables cyclotourists to explore beautiful scenery along the Clay River and Termus Topusko.
In order for cyclists to rest and refresh, two cycling resorts are planned:
It is anticipated that one of the resting places will be at the location of the Brioni restaurant near the DC6 – ŽC3229 intersection where bikers can rest before continuing the journey. The locality also provides a tour of the memorial area from the Homeland War.

Another location for bicycle cyclists is provided in the Topusko Lake on the lake “Ribnjak” where there are benches and desks for rest. A solar column with a compressor and a necessary bicycle repair tool is installed at the planned location.

One of the characteristics of the route is the passage near the beautiful private objects with characteristic architecture of the suburbs, as well as the religious buildings which are carefully maintained and edited, and the remains of the Roman ruins “Roman Votive altar” which point to the rich past of Topusko.

The terrain configuration from Glina to Topusko Flatfield has several smaller elevations that should not facilitate the use of routes for certain ages (children and the elderly).

On the LR7 from Topusko to 2,6 km long railway stations there is a longitudinal slope of the road with a height difference of about 50 meters which could make the disadvantage of cycling for children and the elderly.





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