The new local route LR6 or the Žažina – Brest Pokupski route is a total length of 7.9 km. Routes of the Lekenik 29B municipality, ends at Brest Pokupski on the D30 – ŽC 3242 road, where it continues on cycling route LR3 “The banks of the river Kupa”.
The future route is provided on the state and county roads. 1,3 km of track is located on the state road D30, which is the main connection between Žažina and Petrinja with PGDP turnover of 4939 vehicles and PLDP turnover of 5284 vehicles. The rest of the route is macadam and asphalt roads that are not nearly as loaded as the D30, as they only serve local residents’ traffic.

Route LR6 Žažina – Brest Pokupski connects Žažina, Mala Gorica and Brest Pokupski and allows cyclotourists to explore beautiful landscapes along the river Kupa.
In order for the cyclists to rest, rejuvenate, and to enjoy the landscapes, there is a resting place on one of the curves of the river Kupa, which is located at the exit from Žažina (in the south).

One of the characteristics of the route is the passage near the beautiful private objects with characteristic architecture of the Kupa shore, as well as religious objects that have been carefully maintained and edited.

Most of the future LR6 route has asphalt, while the smaller part (2.7 km) has macadam, from the intersection in the center of Mala Gorica to the beginning of Žažina.



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