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Topusko Spa – at the source of health

Sport and health
History and culture

Topusko is a place located 70 km south of Zagreb, around the middle course of the river Glina, bordered on the west by the slopes of Petrova gora and on the east by Zrinjska gora, at an altitude of 136 meters, full of greenery and beautiful parks.

The parks permeate the urban, historical and balneological essence of Topusko, just as the thermal water and peloid do, which marked not only the place, but also the Spa in all its dimensions. The Topusko area was inhabited by the ancient Illyrians more than 3,000 years ago and invaluable natural sources of thermal water were discovered there. This healing water springs from a depth of 1500 meters, is of volcanic origin, and in the past 200 years its composition and quality remain unchanged and of excellent quality. It is rated one of the highest quality in Europe and gives excellent results in treatment. Thanks to its healing waters, mud and archeological finds from the period of antiquity and the Middle Ages, Topusko has often been present in the professional literature since the 19th century. The popular Topusko beach, as evidenced by the medals from 1885 and 1886 that Topusko received for the best beach, was a historic gathering place for many visitors from all parts of Europe. In the middle of the 19th century, Ban Josip Jelačić and his wife Sofija often stayed in Topusko. Sofia was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and they say she got out of the carriage in a stretcher to open the officers’ ball in Topusko 40 days later. Today, Topusko has a modern spa with thermal water from three main and several smaller springs, and is rated as one of the highest in Europe, and gives excellent results in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the locomotor, nervous and muscular systems. Specially developed treatment methods suitable for all age groups are applied. The combination of traditional treatment and the most modern treatments with laser, magnetotherapy, ultrasound and other electrotherapy procedures, as well as the latest knowledge from kinesiotherapy, give very positive effects. Hotel Top-Terme Topusko is located in a quiet location near the river Glina, and offers guests the use of outdoor pools – 5 pools of different sizes, depths and temperatures, a beach volleyball court, three tennis courts, bowling, mini golf, outdoor restaurant. All indoor and outdoor pools are filled with thermal water. Thermal water is of volcanic origin, at the source of temperature 68 – 72 ° C, and the temperature in the pools ranges from 27 – 34 ° C …

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