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Lonjsko polje Nature Park – discover the undiscovered

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Lonjsko polje Nature Park is located in the central part of the Republic of Croatia in the area of ​​the middle course of the Sava River, and it is about 75 kilometers away from the capital Zagreb.

It is one of the best preserved natural floodplains in Europe and, thanks to periodic flooding, is a unique treasure trove of biological and landscape diversity not only in Croatia but in the whole of Europe. In addition to the richness of flora and fauna, Lonjsko polje is also the largest river fish hatchery in the entire Danube basin. It is also specific in that this is one of the few areas in Europe where traditional grazing has been maintained, which means that the local population uses floodplains in the traditional grazing system after the floods have receded. In the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park there are two villages with prestigious titles: Čigoč – the first European stork village that earned its title due to the specific coexistence of man and genus and a large population of storks, and Krapje – a village of architectural heritage known for beautiful wooden Posavina houses built of pedunculate oak, some of which are older and more than 200 years old. Near Krapje there is the Krapje đol ornithological reserve, the first and oldest bird reserve in Croatia, an important nesting place for spoonbills and many other wetlands, and a real paradise for bird lovers. One of the four hiking trails in the Park – the Border Guards Trail – leads to the ornithological reserve. Walking along the Border Trail, visitors can see the autochthonous breeds typical of this area up close: the Posavina horse, the Turopolje pig and the Slavonian-Srijem Podolian cattle. Lonjsko polje Nature Park is perfect for recreationists and anyone looking for a break from the hectic city life. Visitors can enjoy the untouched nature and peaceful villages of Lonjsko polje by riding bicycles or an oldtimer tractor, sailing on solar-powered boats on the Sava River or canoes on calm river tributaries, and from this year in the city of Sisak will be available again boat rides Juran and Sofia along the river Kupa, which is a great overture for a visit to the Lonjsko polje Nature Park.

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