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Hiking in Sisak – Moslavina County

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Hiking in Sisak-Moslavina County is a great type of recreation, a great way to recharge your batteries, breathe in the fresh air, stretch your legs, enjoy the view, socialize and relax.

Sisak-Moslavina County offers you its beautiful hiking trails on Hrastovačka, Petrova and Moslavačka gora that you can enjoy even if you are not in a special condition. True, we will not conquer high peaks, but we will enjoy the forest, the view, the walks and the company. If you are a beginner in hiking, the hiking trails on Hrastovačka, Petrova and Moslavačka gora are created for you.
Hrastovačka gora enables pleasant excursions, and each trail provides a different experience. In addition to marked hiking trails, unmarked hiking trails and roads provide an excellent opportunity for hiking. Depending on the starting point, hiking lasts an hour and a half to three hours, and all trails lead to the highest peak Cepeliš where the mountain lodge “Cepeliš” and a lookout point height of 415 m.
Petrova gora used to be called Gvozd which means forest. After a great battle between the Hungarian Army on one side and the Croatian Army under the leadership of King Petar Svačić on the other side, the Croatian King Petar Svačić was killed on that mountain, and after him that Croatian mountain was named Petrova gora. The top is marked by a geodetic pyramid. The name of the top is highlighted on it and a metal stamp is affixed. According to its origin, it is an old geological formation, which means that it is relatively rich in water and specific primarily forest vegetation. This implies a certain mountaineering restriction because it lacks wide vistas, but with that comes a large indentation of relief with numerous significant ridges and deep penetrations enriched by numerous streams.
Moslavačka gora is located in the middle of a lowland bordered by the rivers Česma, Lonja and Ilova. It is not spatially large and tall, but it has many mountain slopes and ridges. It stretches in a northwest-southeast direction.
The highest peak is Humka (487 m). This peak is occupied by a television transmitter, so it is not available for hikers. The peak of Vis (444 m) was chosen as the end point of the Croatian Mountaineering Bypass.
From the top there are views to the southeast and south, so you can see very well the town of Kutina, the village of Kutinica at the foot as well as a good part of Posavina.

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