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Banovina, a Croatian pearl yet to be discovered

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Banovina, part of the former area of ​​the Military Border in Croatia, lies on the edge of the Pannonian Plain between the Sava River and the lower reaches of the Kupa, Una and Glina.

It occupies 1803 km2 of hilly landscape, with an average height of 300 m. The highest peak is on Zrinska gora (615 m). It is intersected by valleys of numerous smaller watercourses, and a considerable part of the surface is under forests. The main urban and economic center of the Banovina is the town of Petrinja with 55 villages and settlements.
As a special Croatian historical province, the Banovina began to take shape in 1595 along the Croatian-Ottoman border. Since this area was under the direct administration of the Croatian ban until the middle of the 18th century, it was called Ban’s land or Ban’s region (Banalia confinia). After the abolition of Banska Krajina in 1881, this area was called Banovina.
Today, the historic Banovina offers numerous experiences in the hilly areas of Zrinska and Hrastovačka gora, rich in springs, streams and forests, and the Pokupje plain. This relief-diverse area with picturesque villages, abounds in natural and cultural heritage that testify to the historical events of this area.
The Banovina area offers numerous opportunities for heritage research as part of active and recreational holidays. The choice is up to the guest, whether to decide on foot, by bike,, motorbike or car, the research never ends. Walking, recreational hiking and mountaineering provide the guest with comfort and enjoyment of the surroundings along the promenades, themed trails and hiking trails. Attractive cycling routes that lead to a unique green-blue landscape, give cyclists a sense of merging with nature. Adventure in Banovina should be sought in the tourist offer of this destination where it is possible to discover your potential, test your strength and experience adventure and adrenaline.
This area is lively throughout the year with the changes of the seasons, and is especially solemn on the occasion of numerous events that mark traditional cultural creations, festivals and holidays. In recent decades, a lot of guests’ attention has been attracted by chestnut festivals that are held in several locations thanks to the richness of chestnut forests.

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