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Spending Time with Horses and Riding Them

Our beautiful horses also live on the property. During your stay, you can spend time with the horses and get to know them, as well as feed and walk them. Riders who finished riding training can ride by themselves, and we also offer riding in nature and the riding school.

An appointment by phone is necessary for all requests and information regarding riding.


Bird Watching

Bird watching is becoming more and more popular in the world. There are over 8 million registered members of associations for bird enthusiasts in Europe. Over 250 species of birds make their nests or spend their winters in Lonjsko polje, which is why it is one of the most important bird areas in Croatia, a so called IBA (Important Bird Area). We can offer several bird watching locations for bird lovers who are staying in our establishment:


  • The first European village of storks Čigoč
  • Entrance to the Lonjsko polje retention basin in Kratečko and Mužilovčica
  • Tišina-Mužilovčica inlet
  • Osekovsko polje
  • Poganovo polje
  • Lipovljani fish ponds
  • Ornithological reserves Krapje Đol and Rakita
  • Watercourse of the river Sava


Hunting and Fishing

During your stay at the Eco-Ethno Village Strug, you can relax and enjoy fishing on the rivers Strug, Sava, and Una. This unique natural habitat is attractive to all recreational fishermen who can catch plenty of pike, carp, catfish, zander, grass carp, bream, and tench; and on the river Una, the pearl of Croatia, you can also catch huchen, barbel, and other rapid river fish. You can inquire at our front desk about purchasing a daily recreational fishing licence. We can arrange a boat and a fishing escort for you if you require them. Come, relax, and live your fishing dream! Tight lines.


Eco-Ethno Village Strug is located in the hunting grounds Opeke and on the border of the hunting grounds Trstika and Puska. Permanent game animals that we can find here are deer, doe, and boar, and the small game animals present are rabbit, fox, weasel… as well as birds interesting to many hunters – pheasant, quail, partridge, wild duck, wild goose, and others. You can call us if you want to arrange a time schedule and the conditions of the hunt, because we can organise a hunting trip for you in cooperation with the owners of the hunting grounds and the Croatian Hunting Federation. The price for hunting and accommodations is reasonable, especially for guests from abroad. Hunters, good hunting!

Other activities

Walking in the unpopulated areas of Lonjsko polje

All visitors to the Eco-Ethno Village will have the opportunity to walk the two beautiful historical trails: “Frontiersmen Trail” and “Tena’s Trail”.

Boat rides

Everyone taking a boat ride on the Strug will be amazed by the untouched nature and the ambiance. Bring a camera or a fishing rod and relax. We offer boats and canoes.


Bicycle rides

The six very attractive cycling routes (total length 310 km) connecting the Posavina corridor of Lonjsko polje with the river Una and the Moslavina region offer a special recreational experience.


Along with the other activities, the children have a playground available to them.


Badminton, volleyball, futsal

For those who prefer sports activities to walking or boating, we offer badminton, volleyball, and futsal.


If you never tried hitting a target using a bow and arrow, Eco-Ethno Village Strug can offer you that opportunity.


Plesmo 26
44325 Krapje

Tel: +385(0)44-611-212

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