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Hrvatski branitelja 14

44317 Popovača

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Rural Tourism Bistrički is located only 65 kilometres east of Zagreb, in the village Osekovo. Village estate Bistrički is located in the Moslavina region village of Osekovo, at the very edge of the Nature Park Lonjsko polje. The village Osekovo is proud of its many white stork nests, which are a famous feature of this region. In the 5000 m2 of yard space and 20 000 m2 of additional space, all guests can become a part of village life, while observing the tool collection, some of which are over a 100 years old, with domestic animals that complete the traditional village atmosphere at the estate. The village estate can accommodate larger groups of guests and it is also possible to organise field classes and school in nature for school children. Trips lasting a full-day or several days are possible, where the estate is the ideal starting point for discovering Moslavina. Osekovo has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The remains from the Roman civilisation, Villa Rustica, which had indoor hot water plumbing and a sewer system during its time, are still in the excavation stage. Saint Anne’s church was built in 1729, and the village has three more chapels. There are about thirty old wooden houses and porches in Osekovo, which represent typical local architecture. There are many stork nests in Osekovo, you can see thirty nests on the roofs of houses, all of them are active and many young birds regularly fly out. There are many cultural, historical, ethnological, and archaeological landmarks near the estate, like the church of St Anne, one of the oldest in Moslavina, the small church of St. Fabian and Sebastian from the 18th century in Donja Gračenica, as an example of traditional construction, ethno room of the Culture and Art Society Stjepan Šajnović in Osekovo, the ethno collection Kenfelja in D. Gračenica, and the archaeological site Ciglenice, as the proof of Roman civilisation in this area. The Nature Park Lonjsko polje is breathtaking because of its beauty and its wealth of plants and animals that can only be found and seen here. Opposite Lonjsko polje, there is Moslavačka gora with its hiking and cycling trails, and rich wine roads that offer tastings of excellent wines and rakijas from Moslavina. Moslavačka gora keeps its secrets from the past in the remains of noblemen’s castles hidden in areas overgrown by forests. Whatever the circumstances, the hospitable hosts of the Bistrički estate will make sure your experience is unforgettable.

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