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44410 Gvozd

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Fifty kilometres away from Zagreb and the same distance from Karlovac and Sisak, at the border between Banija and Kordun regions, on the road toward Topusko, among the tame hills surrounded by woods and creeks, is where you can find the tiny village of Golinja, and in the village the country estate “Stari Dud“. It was named after an old tree (white mulberry) under which the first hearth in the village existed long ago, and it is still inviting with its enormous shade.

The surface of the estate is 100 jutros (1 jutro = 5754.64 m²), and there you can find everything that all good country estates had: many plum groves and vineyards, vast meadows and pastures, springs and forest paths, the smell of hay. We breed cows and sheep at the estate. We have our own stable where we breed horses. You will have geese and ducks around your feet, and in the evening you can enjoy watching our deer and does on the pasture.

“Stari Dud” was created on the foundations of a village that is mostly abandoned by now, since only two of its original inhabitants still live there. The “father” of the Mraović family left the bustle of Zagreb, where he was born, and the day-to-day stress of a well paid entrepreneur, and decided to take up a new challenge – agriculture. Together with his wife and sons, he embarked upon a small adventure of designing an idea for a picturesque estate that would look like it is from an old fairy tale, and making that idea a reality.

By merging several abandoned farms and restoring several old wooden houses, a settlement was formed that had a hunting house with a wine and rakija cellar, in front of which there is an outline of a family hearth, apartments, and a mini hotel furnished in the traditional style, several residential houses, a mini zoo with farm animals, and commercial buildings and structures. There is also a small house with our ethno shop, where you have everything that we make and take it home with you: traditional sheep cheese, cured bacon, sausages and cracklings, natural apple juice, jams, wine, and strong šljivovica. Apart from the modern conveniences for true relaxation, like the sauna and the pool, you will also find old corn sheds, stables and hay stacks, a still, a cheese making room, a masonry oven, and a smoking shed here. And for family relaxation, your children can play in our playground or watch domestic and wild animals.

Aside from the usual tours of the surrounding area, on horseback or a bicycle, a tractor or horse drawn buggy, suitable for guests of all ages and preferences, we are especially prepared for “hedonists” who will enjoy the famous traditional specialties made in “Teta Ljubica’s” kitchen, or have a sip of our beverages along the music of the local tamburica band.
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