Sisak-Moslavina County
The project “Development of cyclotourism in Sisak-Moslavina County” is funded by Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia within the framework of the Public Call – cyclotourism development program in 2017.


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Cycling tourism pocket map-SMŽ


Cycling tourism in the Sisak-Moslavina County


The project “Biciklom za turizam bez granica” – “Bicycle for tourism without frontiers” (BIKE 4 TWF) is the result of the cooperation between the Development Agency of the Sisak-Moslavina County SI-MO-RA d.o.o. and the Agency for the Economic Development of the Prijedor Municipality PREDA-PD. The project has been created as part of the EU IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007 – 2013.

The goal of this project is the development of tourism in the border area between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Nature Park Lonjsko polje and the National Park Kozara in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By marking six cycling routes in the Nature Park Lonjsko polje and connecting them with the cycling route leading toward the National Park Kozara, a new integrated tourist product was made, in the total length of 310 kilometres. The Tourist Board of the Sisak-Moslavina County has marked an additional 130 km through its operational plan and from the funds approved for the Croatian Tourist Board for this purpose, which complemented this offer with 440 km of cycling tourism routes in the area of the entire county. Welcome!

The Sisak-Moslavina County is offering you relaxation in untouched nature, return to a chivalrous age, relaxation in medicinal waters, enjoying local dishes and good Moslavina region drinks. When you arrive to the Sisak-Moslavina County, you will be in contact with Moslavina, Posavina, Pounje, Slavonija, Pokuplje, Turopolje, Banovina, and Kordun regions. The cycling routes through the Nature Park Lonjsko polje are a special challenge to cycling tourism enthusiasts. They are easy and pleasant for cycling, suitable for family holidays and recreation. The altitude difference is almost negligible and the traffic density on the roads of the route is mostly very low. Hospitable people, ancient scenery with flooded surfaces, authentic Posavina region culture, the riverbed of Sava and its tributaries, the wealth of rare plant and animal species – are a true motive to get on your bicycle and see the Nature Park Lonjsko polje.

Popis ruta:

Županijske rute:
Cikloturistička županijska ruta SMŽ 01 / County Cyclotourism Route SMC 01
Cikloturistička županijska ruta SMŽ 02 / County Cyclotourism Route SMC 02
Cikloturistička županijska ruta SMŽ 03 / County Cyclotourism Route SMC 03
Cikloturistička nacionalna ruta Sava / National cyclotourism route Sava

Lokalne rute:
Local route LR7 or the Glina – Topusko – Topusko railway station
Local route LR6 or the Žažina – Brest Pokupski
Lokalna ruta Novska
/ Local Route Novska
Lokalna ruta PPLP 01 / Local Route PPLP 01
Lokalna ruta PPLP 02 / Local Route PPLP 02
Lokalna ruta PPLP 03 / Local Route PPLP 03
Lokalna ruta PPLP 04 / Local Route PPLP 04
Cikloturistička ruta grada Petrinje LR1
Cikloturistička ruta grada Petrinje LR2
Cikloturistička ruta grada Petrinje LR3
Cikloturistička ruta grada Petrinje LR4
Kutina – Vinska ruta
Kutina – Naftna ruta
Kutina – Rekreativna staza
Kutina – Transverzalna ruta (sjever-jug)
Kutina – Transverzalna ruta (istok-zapad)
Lipovljani – Kraljeva ruta
Velika Ludina – Ludinska jabuka
Velika Ludina – Jelengradska ruta
Popovača – Paklenjačka ruta
Popovača – Jelengradska ruta
Čazma – Plava ruta
Čazma – Zelena ruta
Topusko – Staza 1
Topusko – Staza 2
Topusko – Staza 3
Topusko – Staza 4
Topusko – Staza 5


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