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Hunting House BREZOVICA – Brezovica – Sisak-Moslavina County
Hunting lodge – house

Hunters can stay at the representative Hunting House “Brezovica”, within the hunting grounds, which will be an unforgettable hunting memory for the guests, because of the famous Posavina region cuisine and the high quality wines from Moslavina. The hunting house is 10 km away from Sisak, or 14 km away from the Zagreb-Lipovac highway (Popovača exit), which makes it extremely accessible for guests coming from Zagreb. Accommodations include 4 luxury apartments with two beds each.

There is a great hall in the house that can seat 40 and a beer tavern with the capacity of 20, so aside from an overnight stay the house offers the option of holding various meetings and parties.

Brezovica hunting grounds
Brezovica is located in lowland oak forests of the picturesque Posavina region. The hunting grounds are near Zagreb and they are famous for its varied hunting offers. Rivers Sava, Odra, and Lonja flow next to the hunting grounds. The area along the Sava is ideal for rest and recreation, and the area is known for its typical Posavina region village architecture. The river Lonja flows into the famous Nature Park Lonjsko polje. The area next to the hunting grounds, with many inlets, is an actual ornithological reserve. In Brezovica a hunter may hunt deer, does, boars, and various feathered game.

Hunting grounds: II/2 Brezovica
Type of hunting grounds: open
Surface area: 4629 ha

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