Local route PPLP 04: Trebež, Kraljeva Velika, Piljenice and Ilova.
Length: 20 km

20 kilometers from the Sava and the center of Lonjsko polje to the point taking you from the Moslavina region to that of Slavonia, in Ilova. This truly green route, a delight for recreational and competitive bikers alike, leads through a deep forest, untouched nature, along the spawning sites of noble fish and across rich pastures, partially on macadam road, through idyllic, low-traffic areas. In this cycling paradise, you must see…

You must see:
You’re starting from Trebež, from the heart of Lonjsko polje, a protected nature park and wetlands that are sites of fish spawning and rich “family” life of countless birds, through virgin forest, on a virtually traffic-free road, to a village gathered around the Church of St Anthony – Kraljeva Velika, “the suburb” of Lipovljani and a capital of minorities, then to Piljenice, with a 250-years old mill called Vaclavekov mlin, on the river Pakra, today a museum of traditional cereal processing technology. The end of this section comes in Ilova, a typical settlement for this part of Croatia, a suburb of Kutina, the capital of Moslavina. The end of the route is not the end of your cycling trip, of course; here in Ilova, you can keep riding on County Cyclotourism Route 01, just as the opposite direction is not the end either – there is an access to the National Cyclotourism Route Sava in Trebež.


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