Local route PPLP 02: Krapje, Plesmo, Stara Subocka and Nova Subocka.
Length: 12 km

From the Sava river, from Krapje, a village known for its architectural heritage, cutting across Lonjsko polje, through Plesmo and Stara Subocka to Nova Subocka. 12 km of a (too) short road to see all the wonders your bike passes alongside, through protected areas, forests and wetlands surrounding you, fish spawning sites, through a plain, without any demanding sections. Soak in this entire beautiful route where you must see…

You must see:
Krapje, a village founded in the late 17th century, since 1995 protected as an “architectural heritage village”, turns your bike into a time machine, as you can see here the way of living, building, eating and drinking from centuries ago. Here is also the seat of the Public Institution Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, with a plethora of information and directions for true bikers.
Local route PPLP 02 leads you to the rich fishing sites of Plesmo, the best fishing area in this part of the world, then through the “old” (Stara) to the “new” (Nova) village of Subocka. The road here is also lined by sleepy farms, wooden houses made of sound, old oak.
In Stara Subocka, your attention will be drawn by the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, and in Krapje you can switch from this local route to National Cyclotourism Route Sava or, in Nova Subocka, to County Cyclotourism Route SMC 01.


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