Cities that route connects: Petrinja i Hrvatska Kostajnica.

Lenght: 33100 m (33.1 km)
Altitude: 168 m
Lowest point: 105 m
Highest point: 273 m


Petrinja – Hrvatska Kostajnica, 33 000 meters

Section 1: Petrinja – Hrvatska Kostajnica
Petrinja is the starting location of this interesting route, boasting 33,000 asphalt meters through the enchanting green valleys of Banovina and one challenging climb before you get to a plateau in the Donji Kukuruzari Municipality and a straight section towards Pounje, with a steep descent into Hrvatska Kostajnica itself. On the County Cyclotourism Route SMC 03, you must see …


You must see:
Petrinja, the town of song, fun and good food. The park in front of St Lawrence’s Parish Church is one of the most beautiful in Croatia, and Croatian Singing Club Slavulj is the oldest singing society in Croatia. A rich local tradition of trades and crafts, famous potters and Petrinja’s true souvenir ‘stucka’, will delight you and surprise you. When you start towards Hrvatska Kostajnica, wellsprings of clear and cool water entice all around you, quality products of this unpolluted area and rural tourism destination. Spend your stamina wisely, as this medium-long, but demanding route will face you with a bit more serious challenges, such as a climb in Bijelnik. Just keep pushing! Hrvatska Kostajnica, a town of ancient tradition, rich history and wonderful vistas, a town that lives with its river Una and on it; it is a town that organizes Croatia’s most famous maroon fair – Kestenijada. A little detour takes you uphill, to Kostajnica’s famed hill Djed and one of the most beautiful overlooks in Croatia. Stop by at the beautiful, secession-period Hotel Central, drink water from the wellspring in the town’s center. Enjoy the Pounje region! Leaving Hrvatska Kostajnica, you can again turn either left or right, to the County Cyclotourism Route SMC 01 – it’s all entirely up to you.


Section 1: Petrinja – Hrvatska Kostajnica

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